One Hundred Views of the Shawangunk

The Shawangunk (also referred to as the "Gunks") constitute a mountain range which begins in the town of Rosendale (Ulster County in New York State) and ultimately joins the Kittany and Blue Mountain ridge in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

To a resident of New Paltz the Shawangunk is a constant presence: All hours of the day and even night, throughout all seasons and weathers, changing constantly, never the same from moment to moment.

"One Hundred Views of the Shawangunk" was inspired not only by the ever present and ever changing mountain range, but also by the "One Hundred Views of Fuji" by Hokusai, that splendid 19th Century Japanese wood-cut artist.

"One Hundred Views of the Shawangunk", however, is meant to reflect not so much the various views of the mountain but "viewpoints"- the many ways of seeing, creating and recreating.

Looking at some scene (long enough) one becomes aware of other images intruding, one superimposed on the other. The mind seems to wander and evoke memories of other scenes, like a window opening. These double and multiple images are not limited only to the, still ongoing, Shawangunk series. Each work (40" X 32") may be different from the next - in medium (oil, acrylic, charcoal, collage ) where many are assembled out of the fragments of another.

The Shawangunk were not always as they appear now: Rising out of the sea, broken up, reassembled again and again. Besides the changing seasons, all is change, even the views - and points of view - of the artist. But time leaves its marks and memories.

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