final works

At age 93, it should not seem premature or presumptuous to consider the following works “final”. I consider all my works “final” which were started after moving (8/17/2007) from New Paltz, NY to the Quaker Retirement Community in Gwynedd PA. After a lifetime moving around the world this should be my inevitable final home and workplace.

My former 1728 sq ft studio became the 132 sq ft smaller bedroom of a two bedroom apartment. However, no longer burdened with any housekeeping chores, my works multiplied as never before, of which the following is but a very small sampling. Also “final” are two new series “Homage to Rodin” and “Ghosts”, as well as considerable additions to other existent series, especially “Ecce Homo”.

In many pieces the date is also title and refers to when the work began rather than finished. They may be “final” but, like all previous work, never “finished”.

The “Cosmic Game”, of which this represents but 28 out of over 1000 panels (each 20”x20”), arranged at random. It may reflect a universe, forever changing, as well as art as a forever playful game, no matter what medium.