This series from the Procession is but a small selection out of more than 1000 individual pieces. To exhibit the Procession in its entirety would require more than 2000 feet of wall space.

The Procession began in the 1950's, following The Parade and Journey, two books of continuous and related drawings. Procession was, in turn, followed by the Millipede (3000 feet long) and other projects of "transition and transformation" where "time and timing" play a more important role than the individual, single "four-square space" of traditional art forms. As such, it may be more related to "movie-making" than "picture-making". Its historical ancestry goes back to medieval many-panel altar paintings. But as an ongoing series, the Procession has no absolute beginning or end, and can never be finished. It is "open-ended" - in form as well as media, technique and style.

While the Procession proceeds along a certain (occasionally pre-determined) order, this order is not absolute. It invites "reordering and rearranging" - call it "play", and not only by its creator, but, possibly, as a public participatory enterprise. (I suspect that when God created this world, She may well have been in a most playful mood, and we, her offspring, continue this "playfulness", even when it appears "dead serious".) As a continuous progression from dark to light, from polychrome to monochrome, from the tonalities of tragedy to colorful joy, it would appear that one may be inconceivable without the other.

As noted before, the Procession is not for sale. In 1985 I declared all my art "price less" - beyond "commodity and the market". To be free, free of the enticing (but often corrupting) demands and expectations of the market, might well be a dream shared by others than this artist.


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