art is not a commodity!

To reduce Art to a commodity appears to compromise and, ultimately, corrupt art, the artist as well as art appreciation. In 1985 I declared my work "no longer for sale". "Would I sell any of my children"? To escape the rat race and the price for "recognition" was yet another reason. However, it ended my career, effectively closing all doors to any further major exhibitions. "Price-less art is worthless" I was advised, "unacceptable, even an insult in our market driven world".

Turning my back on the "art scene", withdrawing into seclusion, triggered however an almost explosion of productivity which old age could barely keep up with. By 2005 I realized that, together with Rennie, my wife, we had to move into some Retirement Community for assistance. This meant giving up not only home and studio but also the vast accumulation of my "unacceptable" works. Warehousing proved, financially, impossible, the only option - the New Paltz garbage dump.

Almost like a miracle, Ted Wachtel, President of IIRP (International Institute of Restorative Practices) appeared, to take over the maintenance and management of my work, restoring it back into the market place. In 2009, besides many other ventures, the Institute established The Si Lewen Museum in Bethlehem, PA., as well as are links to the Institute, as well as works for sale. Of interest may also be, my blog.